My Voice

क्या लिख़ दूं ऐसा जो ग़दर हो जाए,

कह दूं कुछ यूं कि उसे फिकर हो जाए।

फिकर न मेरी न अपनी, पर ज़माने की,

कि किस ओर बढ़ चला है, ये कहीं ना ख़तम हो जाए!
रहता वो अपनी धुन में यूं मगन,

चाहे कोई मरे या लड़े, या जला दे इंसानियत,

उसे है चिंता अपने जिस्म की,

 चाहे रूह कोई परिंदा ले जाए।
“रहने दो, अब जागने से क्या फायदा”, 

सच मानकर, झूठ में खो जाए।

जिस परिंदे को बेची थी रूह अपनी,

देख, कहीं वो ही ना राजा हो जाए!!


A School of Reality?

Everyone around us is fighting their own battles we know nothing about. Everyone is lonely, yet nobody is alone. We have friends who suffer from the deepest demonic forces within them. We try to help them fight it, but is it all worth after all?

Every demon we have inside us is the bitter truth about ourselves that can’t be fought but faced!

Everytime I think about my inner grievances, I feel suffocated. Then, I look around and see others & my insecurities just flies away, because I realise this, that I am not alone in my suffocations! Everyone is lonely, and we’re all together in that too!

I wish we’d known this before!  Someone could’ve taught us about the real battles of life and how to compete in each one of them! Life would’ve been so much easier!

Instead of teaching Mathematics and precisely failing at it, we could’ve been taught , how to solve our equations with other humans! Such that there would’ve been no hatred or jealousy or even grudges to hold for one another!

Instead of “memorising” every fucking year and date and name that WAS once a part of this world, a part of our History, we could’ve been taught the tricks to actually forget our own past that haunts us everyday or may be how to just move on from our anticipations!!!!

Instead of the individual genders, sex, reproduction processes and how to re-populate earth, we could’ve been taught the Biology of our own! We could’ve been taught about how to get rid of self-doubts and become selflessly confident in our own skin! We could’ve been taught the importance of self-love and self-appreciation before we fall for anyone else!

Instead of the school of mind-games, politics, favoritism, racism, sexism, judgmentalism, bitching, rivalries, comparison, extreme competition, capitalism- we could have A School of Reality, where we could learn about the things that actually matter! The aspects of how life is tough, how it gets even tougher with time and how we can fight & win it- Together!

We wish we could take away some pain & hurt from some people. We wish we could tell them, that everyone of them is special & essential to the world. But, as much as we want our those wishes to be fulfilled, we dig deeper in their lives , we realise this-

We can try hardest, but we cannot heal the ones who don’t want to be healed. We can love them as much as possible, but it’s all worthless if they can’t love themselves!

Love is the most powerful force in the world- either it’ll make you or take you away!


Crushing Diaries

I crave your voice. Everyday. Everynight.

I close my eyes, and there it is – your infectious smile.

I look around me and hope to find,

the path that takes me to you , where you wait for the time.

The time of me and you, and our world entwined.

I feel this connection of soul and mind, 

for me, which is the hardest to find!

And I can’t get away from this feeling, no, I won’t lie!

I crave your voice, everyday, every night!

I wish that you too,wait for that time…



We’re the victum of self-doubt.

We’re more #frightened than #hurt.

We suffer from our imagination and not reality.


We fear #loneliness, and ignore the #freedom of being #alone.

We fear #rejection, over looking the future absence of #toxicity.

We fear #judgements, inspite of knowing what we truely are.

We fear #disloyalty, in attempt to please #fake people! Isn’t it our #fault!




Lets go somewhere, where there is us! The moist love of rain and the dry hate of the wind…
Lets go somewhere, where we can see colors in the darkness and the greys in the rainbow….

Lets go somewhere, where I can dive into your eyes and you can jump into my heart…..

Until then, lets find each other….❣❤❣


The theory of a CRUSH 💕

Most people believe that having a crush on someone is the best thing, if a) you’re single or b) you have no other option because you’re single. And why are people single? It’s cause, a) They can’t find the right person or b) The right person they’ve found is out of their league!

Now, why people believe this fact that a one sided crush is better than a relationship? An obvious answer is-

No drama, no fights! Just us and the Dopamine…

No cheesy-peesy over-carey harmone imbalancing possesive jealousy!

Just us and our fantasy!😚

I can tell with my crush-ing experiences that yes, it’s awesome- only up to a time period. What sucks is the long term crush, which you know won’t lead anywhere, but still you can’t stop crushing on them, because they’re hella awesome! But,then when you’re finally over them and all of your previous heart breaks, you think you’re now free as a frisbee! But ,then BAMMM!!!😓

You meet this – entirely-amazingly-completely-’I wish we were together’ kind of a perfect person…..

And you’re trapped again, in your own uncontrollable, your unconscious-subconscious mind and your stupid needy heart- which you by the way will never accept.Ever!😏

But sometimes, it’s not about just a feeling you get for the crush but the liberation that you feel for your inner self. Because after a long-term depressed period, when you thought you’ll never be able to feel it again- you’re here. And it’s tempting to your soul. You’re not just all happy and giggly for the person, but you’re happy for yourself- that you’re healed. Your wounds of desire are cured and are again free to want more, to want what you’re worth having…

You’re heart is beating again but only for yourself and you now realise that how fucking stupid it is to ever think “Mera Dil sirf tumhare liye dhadakta Hai”…Duh!!!!😑

So, you feel proud of yourself that how far you’ve come & you made it through the worst phase of your life. The ‘new you’ is finally feeling that infatuation it was waiting for to move on.

And that is why, sometimes the ‘crush’ or the ‘major crush’ in my case is important to make us realize that we meet everyone for a reason & I think I met him to make me realise that I am ready, for a new journey and that I can visualize him being a part of it.😍💜

 So, Thank you, Mr.Crush.😳

P.S. He is NOT out of my league, he just doesn’t know how awesome I am!…Yet (wink)..😉