Fair enough?

Was it right? All that pain, rage and sufferings?

Is it fair for us to stay like this?

I never thought that we were meant for this insensitive punishment! What’s the point after all?

I miss you everyday. I miss all of our talks.

I hate how we’re so connected yet so far away! Everytime I miss you, I wonder how life would’ve turned out so differently if positive had happened!!!

We might have grown together, unlike now, how we did grow apart! We might have more pictures clicked 😅…We might have travelled places ( okay, I know its not been that long, but what’s the harm to imagine!😛😋).

It feels like years have passed since I last saw you!!! Or last looked in your eyes, trying to read your thoughts!! I miss that!

It feels like ages! Am I silly to think this way or its just, my feelings never go away!!!?…You’re special, that’s why! ❤


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