The Girl Next Door 

Her eyes were like a fish tail, but I didn’t drown in them, although I did notice her perfectly applied liner. Well, let’s ignore that for a while, I am here to tell about her interview.

Shivangi Bajpai. Graduate, aspires to become an anchor. An anchor? Okay! I asked who inspired her to opt such an ambition!? And she started talking like a reality show judge, who want to say a lot but settles for how the performance went (even if they have no idea what was it about). Anyway, not just the inspiration, I got an answer mentioning her favourite actor and actor-ess! So many were there! Why would she be following these actor people? I asked curiously, expecting an answer I already knew by then, What is her aim other than money and fame as an anchor? She wants to be an actor. But, she did mention something that she’d like to change in herself, stage fright precisely in expressing herself! 

Weird, isn’t it? How we set our goals. We plan things to work on, yet we forget that the most basic thing is the unplanned self-confidence!

Still, this girl is not afraid of anything, she talked about her being so positive and determined.”Main apni favourite hoon”, she quoted  on asking what does she like most in the world. Amazing, she has stage fright, but she has confidence on her being the best! As amusing as it sounds, some people have their own little world around them, where everything happens according to ‘Your Highness’!

Talking about her world, she is a feminist, because since childhood, she has been facing freedom issues. The only thing she is not satisfied with is gender inequality, she says. Obviously, she can adjust as per the situation demands, but she would love to change the way girls are being treated in our society, which according to her, is the most degrading and disrespectful thing about the society we live in.

As being the person ‘too into her looks’, I asked her (on public demand) about the motivation behind changing her hair-do. All she said was that there was too much teasing and requests to change it. But, we can guess, there are more reasons to it! Clearly, “a princess do not lose her crown just like that”!

On that note, she is the youngest one in the family and she is really thankful & overwhelmed on how her family has always got her back. That’s what family is for! Duh!!!

On asking about future plans, she pushed on the point on being independent, because that should be the first priority of every girl, she believes. This girl should be a social activist in the women empowerment verse! But, she just feels it & says it, she is not going to take a step for it any sooner! I wonder why? To which she replied that people, mainly youth only get influenced by powerful, famous personalities & so, she is interested in being a person who is actually worth the follow! Very well she observes people’s mind! Then why does she have regrets on being backstabbed by former close friends? She says she is really helpful and emotional! Well, honey! There is no place of such kind of people in the industry you are ambitious to get in! Be strong & courageous and learn to fight your battles rather than to cry on them.

“I love laughing”, she said on asking why does she laugh so much, even on the silliest things! Good for her, may be that’s why her face glow like a jellyfish! Or is it make-up effect? Whatever, let’s leave it at that. 

There is a psychology behind why someone is the way they are! Also, I believe that there is a purpose with which each soul in this world is born. And until that purpose is fulfilled, they don’t leave the world. I asked her if she believes in this too! “Purpose is a filmy thing & I am not interested in destiny”, she said.

That is what I loved about this interview, I found perception and that’s what I crave to grow, rather than opinions.


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  1. Murtaza says:

    Amazing Work!!❤

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    1. tarunify says:

      Thanks alot 😃😃😃

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