The Canvas !


When you’re the person of art, everything about you becomes your art exhibition. They say, ‘life is a canvas’. So be it, but lets not forget that the most basic & primary colours used in every picture are Black n White. 

Black- the dark times, the rage, the sorrow, the fear, the hate !

White- the peace times, the love, the beauty, the happiness !

Everything around us, every sorrow or every happy moment, is a surprise. The happy ones are the ones we don’t wish to pass on to anyone else, because lets admit, we’re selfish, so something good happening with us must remain with us! Yet, we are kind, because every pain we come across, every misery we encounter, we always wish to never let that same thing happen to anyone else! We humans are such strange creatures!!!


We have all shades of black and white. Our grey areas are both evil and good;  Still, we crave colours to be happy!


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