Hopeless Love 💔

​That’s when it hit me; when I was sitting on the hospital bench, collecting every strength that I’d left because I had that exact accident, again. I had lived that horrifying tale again, moreover I had survived it. 

The bench was empty, the breeze was cold, the faces were unknown and I was all alone.

 And that’s when it hit me; I was about to give up on everything but my mind never allowed it. And there began the battle of mind & heart, all over again.

 ( this time I let my mind conquer it)…

Two times of accident & two times of heartbreak, changes everything in a person and his life.The second time of anything trembles you from within.

 That second time dent on my face and the second time scar on my heart that he left, made me a whole new person.

I never gave up on love, I will never do that, because I don’t believe that love is stupid.I believe, its wise and immortal. I still have that love for that man, I still hope for ‘someday’, but everytime I think this kind of reckless shit, my mind controls it and brings me back to reality.

I might not hope for love in future, but I still have hope for that Love I have for that man I truely loved, or may be I still do !

I am not foolish to think that way, because if an accident can happen twice, with exact same personifications, like its ONE, then who knows, that “lost love” of mine can come along again. And just like the second replica of the accident, it might harm less this time! I mean, what are the odds?!

Its the life of an hopeless romantic, who when loves someone with all true essence, loves them for eternity…….❤❤❤💔💔


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  1. sharmawrites says:

    I have no words for your pain….and yes I believe it will be less painful in the times to come….just be hopeful😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tarunify says:

    Well, of course YOU can…Thanks 😘


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