Travel Diary #1 (a story of a bus stop)!

In search of Peace!!!

Winter is here, so we wake up a little late, yet I try to be a morning person. Unfortunately, in spite of that, I missed my train. I was heading home. So, I was left with another most important public transport option,  a bus. Haven’t eaten a thing, I was starving. The bus was to be arrive 2 hours from now. “2 hrs.? I’ll go crazy, I must eat something”, I thought! The usual ‘Chai with Bun Maska’to the rescue, saved me!

When a person’s hungry, he eats faster, well I immediately took a sip of my tea, & burnt my tongue! Ouch! Sitting and waiting for the bus takes up alot of patience, you wonder a lot of stupid things in that spare time. As I was talking to little evil me in my head, I noticed an old man sitting on my front bench. He was trying to fold his blanket, but with just one hand. He was differently abled. As I glanced more keenly, how eager that man was to finish his folding as soon as he could! And all I could do was just wait for him to finish, he didn’t have right arm. I was watching him setting up his bag, I wasn’t sorry for him.Why would I? He might not have one arm, but he’s got all the courage and confidence in the world, which is most necessary to survive this harsh world. I just wanted him to get done with the things he was coping with, just wanting to watch him succeed, as I might win something! I was keeping myself busy enjoying my ‘desi breakfast’.

As soon as he packed his bag he stood up and went on his way and me, well, I won something. I still don’t klnow what.

Half a bun is killed by roaring stomach and wait for it! What happened next was like a murder. I took a sip of my bus stand taste like tea, a kid approached, moreover, a beggar, I must mention! He asked for money. Now, imagine your worst fear coming true ,telling you ,on your face that, “you suck girl! You’re the worst human being ever.” And still you are trying to cope!

So, I refused to give any money to the kiddo,(because I’m against it) & lucky for me he didn’t argue and went off  his way. If he’d have asked one more time, I surely would’ve handed him over my whatsoever left breakfast, instead that was the only meal I was going to have for the next 6 hours. But he wasn’t  there and I was experiencing my worst fear laughing at my face. I felt terrible. I was EATING and that kid, I wondered what would he EAT! I felt selfish.

I used to think of myself as a humanitarian. I think I still am. But as it turns out I finally realised that I am a human and that is how we are. All of my worries and stress just went away. As I came in light about some huge ironies of our society:

#1 Differently abled people are equally or may be more able than us, humans. Because they’ve more courage. They’re not cowards like us. They can face every hardship better and still we see them with pity and sympathy. Why? Because , we are the worst creatures. Because we are selfish, greedy, proudy, egoistic! They’re the worst of all the mental and physical diseases. So, I must call us HANDICAPPED.

#2 We always complain about a perfect society, yet we try to make one.We put efforts, to feed the poor, to help the needy and much more! Still,we fail. Then, we complain again. The irony is, there is nothing like a perfect society. There never will be.There’ll always be loopholes, but there’s one thing certain for us to do- Acceptance. Accept the truth & living in reality!

I had not accepted this thing until now, I really wanted to see a perfectly doomed society, which always use to dissappoint me in ways! Why people are so selfish & arrogant? Why they do the things they do?…bla..bla..

Now. That I’ve finally digested the real world, I will stay calm at times where I used to panic. I know how people are! All I (we) could do now, is making myself (ourselves) suitable for the good of the society. There is lack of goodness, but it’s still there & I (we) will contribute in it. I (we) will make myself(ourselves) better, will improve , everyday,such that, I(we)  will help others to stay sane. Do every good thing I(we) can possibly do, because the world needs me(us)!

World Peace Demanded! Amen.




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