What “independent” women likes in men?!? ;)

“Thanks for holding the door for me, but I can do it myself. Instead do it for somneone who really needs and not just to impress me.

We like men who are kind.

Thanks for looking at us like that, we know we’re beautiful. Now try and look at yourself,the inner you and understand the flaws you have.

We like men who don’t show much ego and are real.

You know, you can say whatever is going through your ‘idiot box’. We like honesty.

Also, tell us if you like someone else, we won’t over react. Its a myth. We’re patient and mature. We ‘might’ understand.

We like the loyal-pure soul you have.

Don’t ‘bore’ us with gifts and cards and flowers and candles and every little annoying thing on this planet. They’re outdated. We are happy with a piece of chocolate and your company.We’re not high mentainance, we pamper ourselves enough with luxury.

We like men who are willing to give us the most valuable asset, his time.

We’re not babies. Don’t tell us what to do or what not to. We know our deal. Just appreciate our efforts and tell us your opinions on things. Let us figure out life ourselves.

We like men who encourage courage and support our freedom and space.

Don’t get irritated when we willingly irritate you. We like to see your face like that.

We like men who never stops us from being crazy.

Never say that we’ve lost interest in you. If we’d have , you’d know by now. We don’t believe in ‘I LOVE YOU’ everyday. Its in the little things that we do for you.

We like men who understand us.

You are decent, sensitive & approchable,yet you are shy, tough & myterious. That makes you even more lovable.

We like men who have the qualities of his own, his uniqueness.

We like sports and rock music. We love going to concerts, matches & partying, clubbing or dancing. We are willing to be your best friend before getting that ‘girlfriend’ tag.

We like men who are fun and cool.

Trust us & we trust you. Love us & we love you. Stay with us & we stay with you.

We like a man who is willing to love an independent strong woman in a way that his love makes her even more stronger.” ❤ 


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