Second Chances!

There’s always hope, you just need to cope…..

How often do you find yourself stuck with the same thoughts? I guess, a lot… Well, you are not the only one.. All of us go crazy over some same shit happening to us again and again. And everytime we breakdown a little more. I will not motivate or inspire anyone through this post. That’s never my intention, but I just want to say what is already in your subconcious, yet you fail to see it. Today, its all about Second Chances… So, Here’s my toast (raises glass), to everyone in the world thinking that life has kicked’em in the crotch! Here’s to Second Chances…..

Dear Life, 

I am thankful to you that everyday I wake up. Thankful that I breath YOU….I am thankful that I am blessed with amazing things around me. Although, I have a question I wanted to ask, yet I already know the answer but still, I want you to be aware.

“Why are you always so hard on us?”

Fine, don’t answer, cause you always give us second chances “as the answer”…..Let it be. However, I am sorry, that I mess up a lot of times, even when you try to be pleasing and positive, I ignore your efforts that can make me happy. But I swear, I never meant to, its just, sometimes, you let me question my own existence! When you go too harsh on me, and steal my positivity… Steal the people I love… Steal my happiness…and Gift me the ‘Time of Grief’…  Even then, I try to love you, I stand up and tell you that I am ready for more adventures… I thank you for every lesson. But again you freak me out with some new stuff to create pain in the ass… However, I have accepted the fact that you will never stop doing your stupid work, even if I tell you that I’ve had enough and learnt alot. And if you aren’t giving up on me, for providing every second chance I deserve, then I promise you that I won’t give up on you and those Second Chances. Thankyou, I love you……

-a positively suffering Human.


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