#Nightmare 😓

When the light goes down, insomnia creeps in….Trying hard to fall asleep makes it even harder to fight with your inner demons!!😫

Sometimes its like depression, sometimes its miscorporated as PMS, but its there, all the time- The Mood Swings…😐

..I wonder why whenever I close my eyes, I still see You! Even when I dont want to, you are always there….Haunting my thoughts, your ‘loving’ words bleeding through my ears, even though you never meant them…..Everynight!😯😐

And when finally the God of Sleep pours his blessings upon me, the Devil of Dreams swoops in, with again pictures of You & Me….US!!😟:o:'(

“Dreams are the only place where I can see you, feel you, have you…I’d rather wake up”!😶

Of course, somethings are there to scar you for life…But this doesn’t seem like one! The dreams I see make me smile instead..Beecause unlike the reality, “dreams do come true in my dreams“…& finally, we’re there, together & happy…..!! 😍

That sums up, my dreams are really not dreams, but nightmares , because of you.… 🙍😒😑😓


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