When loneliness creeps in, when your emotions are numb, when you cry like a kid whose mom is lost and suddenly you smile like an idiot like your crush just initiated a conversation !!!

When you are in a room full of vibes….mixed vibes, when you miss your family….Moreover, you miss yourself….! When you want to share your dumb emotions to someone who won’t judge you ,yet you stay quite for a long time, staring at the wall in a silent aura of your own wrath!!

When you try your best to stay positive, but you have been too strong for too long and you want to break it through…. You break down…pieces by pieces..tears after tears…soaking yourself in your own greed for happiness and peace……

That’s when you realise , you are too strong to weep…………..!!!!

And yet again, you get up and tell yourself to stay positive!!!!! :?😣😓😫


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