LOVE- The Definition


We all know that there is no exact definition of love… It differs for different people…

Some say its care or understanding or trust or friendship..Cause love is unconditional of everything…

When we like someone or has a crush on someone, we assume that we are in love! But, not all love stories start like that!

Even when I am writing this piece, I am confused too! Cause I have so much to say about Love, yet I don’t know what to put forth first! We all can agree, Love is one hell of an assassin of- words,feelings,thoughts and everything!!!

Okay, so lets put it through like this,

Lets assume, you are walking down the streets of a new city….& you see some amazingly looking person, and you are saying (in your head of course), “God! This one’s hot!” or “wow!” or like Phoebe Buffay in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. said to GOD in the episode “The one With The Rumor” about Brad Pitt who was playing the character named “Will”, “Well Done” (cause he was soo smoking hot)…!! Yeah, fine I am a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. freak….who isn’t!!😅😒

Anyway, in such cases people say, “we fall in love like a million times in a single day”…..Thats what love is ,for them….JUST A GLANCE…..

As we talk about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ; we know there were 2 great love stories- ‘Ross& Rachel’s’ and ‘Chandler&Monica’s’ … Totally, different ones! Many believe that Monica and Chandler were better as a couple ….Because their love was so damn easy yet with so much of friendship and passion…But Ross and Rachel had something more closer when it comes to “destined love”..cause inspite of so many hardships for 10 years, they got together after seeing their world apart! Well, thats FATE IN LOVE!!…

There was one more love story in that show, Chandler and Joey’s…yeah, well, we all can agree it was the best one…Thats FRIENDSHIP IN LOVE!!!..(shouldnt say much about the show, or I’ll end up writing ONLY about it, cause its tooooo damn Awesomee)….😍

However, through such instances I want to say that there is always ONE thing common in EVERY love story i.e., TRUST….and ONE thing UNCOMMON is ROMANCE…yepp…

Not every love story has a romantic side…some epic love stories are sooo beyond romance and still are better…..

The Love we share with our family, friends, life, hobbies..our passions, our people, our country…Everything….


Thats it…😎

I have loved so many people in life so far,  some are still here in my heart and some chose to stay apart…But all I learnt is that I Love Loving Everything!!!

I love this beautiful world..I love Nature yet I love Technology… I love when a kid smiles at me..I love to make my parents smile..I love food…I love chocolates..I love to sing…. I love staying positive… I love being crazy…I Love laughing and talking…(sometimes, I love… I love how people care for each other…I love how inspite of so much hatred and crime and wars…There still is HUMANiTY above all…..I love when my country shines…I love M.S.Dhoni (had to mention)😍…  I love everything I love …I love myself for loving everything and hating none…

I see the world from a different perspective! So many people come and go from your life; trying to change you, like do bad to bad, dont help those who do you wrong! Or whatsoever! BUT none could ever change my values; know why?…Because the Love I carry in my Heart for everything is Immortal…. (No hate, no jealousy; Just love)…..


& thats the definition…..


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