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Happiness !


Happiness starts with YOU……:)

You realise that YOU are the one who can love YOU the most, right? Of course you do… Everyone knows that, what’s new in it!!! Obviously, we know that “Happiness is not a state of mind, Its a choice.” You choose to remain happy no matter what, you’ll always be happy. The minute you start to think that happiness is just a state of mind, and it comes and goes, who’re in trouble my friend.

The happier you are, the more happy you keep your people.

Like when you are born, you cry, not becuase you are sad, you cry, because you are excited and happy to be in a new place, a new world, among new people who you know love you the most. Moreover, you cry cause ‘you are happy to know that you are alive’. Now, don’t tell me that new borns cannot think like that! They cry as they feel the cool breeze gazing upon their warm and delicate skin. They feel the oxygen going in and carbon dioxide coming out (they learn it in school about these gases later of course), I am just saying! They hear the sounds in form of new musical in reality for the first time. They can see the sheer world with their naive eyes. They cry, because they are conscious of the fact that they can FEEL.

Happiness is always inside you, you just need to look in your heart, clearly.

You wake up, and smile… because you know its a new day with more possibilities of a better life than yesterday. Streets are full of people, but how many of them seem happy? You can’t tell, because they are ignoring themselves, and living by the standrads set by others for them. They forget the fact that they are unique, they are their own critic. They can be happy whenever they want, they just don’t want to..! Overall,

Happiness comes from wise choices and positive subconcious.

Stop Thinking. Start Living. Stay Happy. 🙂


Second Chances!

There’s always hope, you just need to cope…..

How often do you find yourself stuck with the same thoughts? I guess, a lot… Well, you are not the only one.. All of us go crazy over some same shit happening to us again and again. And everytime we breakdown a little more. I will not motivate or inspire anyone through this post. That’s never my intention, but I just want to say what is already in your subconcious, yet you fail to see it. Today, its all about Second Chances… So, Here’s my toast (raises glass), to everyone in the world thinking that life has kicked’em in the crotch! Here’s to Second Chances…..

Dear Life, 

I am thankful to you that everyday I wake up. Thankful that I breath YOU….I am thankful that I am blessed with amazing things around me. Although, I have a question I wanted to ask, yet I already know the answer but still, I want you to be aware.

“Why are you always so hard on us?”

Fine, don’t answer, cause you always give us second chances “as the answer”…..Let it be. However, I am sorry, that I mess up a lot of times, even when you try to be pleasing and positive, I ignore your efforts that can make me happy. But I swear, I never meant to, its just, sometimes, you let me question my own existence! When you go too harsh on me, and steal my positivity… Steal the people I love… Steal my happiness…and Gift me the ‘Time of Grief’…  Even then, I try to love you, I stand up and tell you that I am ready for more adventures… I thank you for every lesson. But again you freak me out with some new stuff to create pain in the ass… However, I have accepted the fact that you will never stop doing your stupid work, even if I tell you that I’ve had enough and learnt alot. And if you aren’t giving up on me, for providing every second chance I deserve, then I promise you that I won’t give up on you and those Second Chances. Thankyou, I love you……

-a positively suffering Human.

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#Nightmare 😓

When the light goes down, insomnia creeps in….Trying hard to fall asleep makes it even harder to fight with your inner demons!!😫

Sometimes its like depression, sometimes its miscorporated as PMS, but its there, all the time- The Mood Swings…😐

..I wonder why whenever I close my eyes, I still see You! Even when I dont want to, you are always there….Haunting my thoughts, your ‘loving’ words bleeding through my ears, even though you never meant them…..Everynight!😯😐

And when finally the God of Sleep pours his blessings upon me, the Devil of Dreams swoops in, with again pictures of You & Me….US!!😟:o:'(

“Dreams are the only place where I can see you, feel you, have you…I’d rather wake up”!😶

Of course, somethings are there to scar you for life…But this doesn’t seem like one! The dreams I see make me smile instead..Beecause unlike the reality, “dreams do come true in my dreams“…& finally, we’re there, together & happy…..!! 😍

That sums up, my dreams are really not dreams, but nightmares , because of you.… 🙍😒😑😓


When loneliness creeps in, when your emotions are numb, when you cry like a kid whose mom is lost and suddenly you smile like an idiot like your crush just initiated a conversation !!!

When you are in a room full of vibes….mixed vibes, when you miss your family….Moreover, you miss yourself….! When you want to share your dumb emotions to someone who won’t judge you ,yet you stay quite for a long time, staring at the wall in a silent aura of your own wrath!!

When you try your best to stay positive, but you have been too strong for too long and you want to break it through…. You break down…pieces by pieces..tears after tears…soaking yourself in your own greed for happiness and peace……

That’s when you realise , you are too strong to weep…………..!!!!

And yet again, you get up and tell yourself to stay positive!!!!! :?😣😓😫


LOVE- The Definition

We all know that there is no exact definition of love… It differs for different people…

Some say its care or understanding or trust or friendship..Cause love is unconditional of everything…

When we like someone or has a crush on someone, we assume that we are in love! But, not all love stories start like that!

Even when I am writing this piece, I am confused too! Cause I have so much to say about Love, yet I don’t know what to put forth first! We all can agree, Love is one hell of an assassin of- words,feelings,thoughts and everything!!!

Okay, so lets put it through like this,

Lets assume, you are walking down the streets of a new city….& you see some amazingly looking person, and you are saying (in your head of course), “God! This one’s hot!” or “wow!” or like Phoebe Buffay in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. said to GOD in the episode “The one With The Rumor” about Brad Pitt who was playing the character named “Will”, “Well Done” (cause he was soo smoking hot)…!! Yeah, fine I am a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. freak….who isn’t!!😅😒

Anyway, in such cases people say, “we fall in love like a million times in a single day”…..Thats what love is ,for them….JUST A GLANCE…..

As we talk about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ; we know there were 2 great love stories- ‘Ross& Rachel’s’ and ‘Chandler&Monica’s’ … Totally, different ones! Many believe that Monica and Chandler were better as a couple ….Because their love was so damn easy yet with so much of friendship and passion…But Ross and Rachel had something more closer when it comes to “destined love”..cause inspite of so many hardships for 10 years, they got together after seeing their world apart! Well, thats FATE IN LOVE!!…

There was one more love story in that show, Chandler and Joey’s…yeah, well, we all can agree it was the best one…Thats FRIENDSHIP IN LOVE!!!..(shouldnt say much about the show, or I’ll end up writing ONLY about it, cause its tooooo damn Awesomee)….😍

However, through such instances I want to say that there is always ONE thing common in EVERY love story i.e., TRUST….and ONE thing UNCOMMON is ROMANCE…yepp…

Not every love story has a romantic side…some epic love stories are sooo beyond romance and still are better…..

The Love we share with our family, friends, life, hobbies..our passions, our people, our country…Everything….


Thats it…😎

I have loved so many people in life so far,  some are still here in my heart and some chose to stay apart…But all I learnt is that I Love Loving Everything!!!

I love this beautiful world..I love Nature yet I love Technology… I love when a kid smiles at me..I love to make my parents smile..I love food…I love chocolates..I love to sing…. I love staying positive… I love being crazy…I Love laughing and talking…(sometimes, I love abusing..lol)… I love how people care for each other…I love how inspite of so much hatred and crime and wars…There still is HUMANiTY above all…..I love when my country shines…I love M.S.Dhoni (had to mention)😍…  I love everything I love …I love myself for loving everything and hating none…

I see the world from a different perspective! So many people come and go from your life; trying to change you, like do bad to bad, dont help those who do you wrong! Or whatsoever! BUT none could ever change my values; know why?…Because the Love I carry in my Heart for everything is Immortal…. (No hate, no jealousy; Just love)…..


& thats the definition…..