A little….


​A little I grow everyday,

A little of the child inside me behaves…

A little maturity and a crazy side of me,

A little classy and still the loud laughing..

A little I think about life and how it has changed me,

A little my heart cries everytime I miss the old Taruni…..

A little happiness craves the hard work I wish to seek,

A little proud of what I am capable of and yet afraid what might come anytime now…

A little heartbeat skips everytime I wonder the excitment of travelling towns…

A little my life is cluttered with emotions and glee,

Friends a little, family supporting me by my side…

A little a life is given and wasting it would be a cry,

A little work each day, and the dreams will come alive…..
This little time is precious for, its spreading the “tree”,

A little of a girl I am and A Woman , I wanna be…..
~Taruni ….💜


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