The Game Of Life – II


Sometimes things are not working out properly, not the way you planned!

They create a mess! Things get ruined and you feel like you are the only person who gets clobbered, again and again…

You care for a person, you love them, but the most painful thing is Ignorance…..Being ignored by the person you really care about is the most hurtful thing to get over with…..It’s true that if you’ll  always be available for them, they take you for granted..

Why is this so? Why every time you get hurt? In Spite of giving too much, you never get a little in return!

Well, that’s your fault! You must never promise or give too much and if so, then mustn’t expect anything…. Its really a heart-breaking and mind-aching thing to think about every time you were so dedicated and you got nothing back…

But, no one asked you to get so much attached, you did it for yourself!  If you did it, it’s your fault that you are facing it in form of your own anger and tears…..about which, no one even knows…..

But, yeah….sometimes expectations and thoughts are forceful….You cannot help but think…

“You might be being too annoying or irritating” ….it’s an inherited disease to think these irresistible queries…

Rubbish, I say!!!!

FINALLY, being at a place where you stand, you must not care who’s who and who thinks what! If anyone is to stay, they will…. You are always true to people… You don’t use your brain while talking or feeling…

You use your heart…for everything…

May be that is your weakness, for Them….but for You…It’s your Strength….

Because it makes you Unique and Real….You are not fake and you must be proud of being the person that you are….

Don’t give a damn, who is there for you and who is not…

Just live with one rule: “I am gonna rock this life, and will Smile and get out there….It’s the game of life and I am here to win it….”

Face It….Alone….Lose Yourself…..🚶


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