The Game of Life – I


You’re awake at 5 in the morning in a vacant room. Accompanying you are your irresistible and undeniable thoughts, with some country music softly pouring into your ears.💭

You try to relax, trying hard to go back to sleep…but it’s not that easy… Every thought that pops up in your head is obviously not a positive one….”Is this how loneliness feels like?” You just start wondering rubbish… Trying to deny every bit of it, trying not to accept that you really are alone…😓

It’s not a bad thing being alone, it gives you time for yourself….But what if, you are not that person who can tolerate such type of silence!!!! Well, at last you accept that someday or the other, this has to happen! …. Phewww……taking a whiff….a deep breathe…

But still you feel like ,something just died inside!!!


You’ve never felt like this before! You remember your mother telling you not to worry and keep working in the right direction…..You miss her but most of all…you miss yourself…

You don’t miss the old days….But the old YOU…..

You are suddenly a new person….life has changed in the most uncertain way…..You are fighting hard to just deal with it…

What am I going to do?..You have no plan! May be sometimes you don’t need a plan, you just go with the flow…and may be this time is one of those times….

You have no idea, where this road is taking you…You are just walking without looking at the milestones….

You miss your people, but you can’t do anything about it, so you just try to stay away from everyone for a while…..and smile it out..

You travel from place to place, but no place is satisfying you because your heart is not allowing you to move on…..

You need some good advice, many people have tried but you want the advice of your own choice…You want peace…but you are numb…

Sometimes you are the happiest person alive and on days you cry your eyes out like its the end of the world….You are weird…!!!

You never liked reading, because you are not that breed of human who can sit patiently at a place and focus on one thing, nobody can tie you up in front of piece of paper…but what the hell, You are reading…You just brought up one of the best selling book!!!…And you are like…”whaaatt!!! Am I out of my mind?”……

No,I guess not….You are probably just growing up….& that is the answer to every question…..:D


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