Well, we are all so busy in our rushed lives, we have friends ,family, career and so many dreams to fulfill, so many responsibilities to stabilize.

There is one thing which is certain for all of us to happen, and one thing which we sort of ignore most of the time- Death….

Death, is the most certain yet surprising event of everyone’s life. You never know when and where it comes from.

Yet, we forget and ignore it, which is a good thing, because we must never live in fear of dying or losing a loved one.

But, whenever we lose someone, we always tend to lose our senses too. We know everyone has to die someday, then why do we really cry and showcase our grief to such extent?

That’s because sometimes that person’s farewell is untimely, and that person was ambitious, lovable, full of life and a great part of our life. The one we never want to lose. Still, the timely deaths seem untimely to us because in spite of knowing the one most truthful universal fact of life, we ignore it, we try not to believe it, we try to run away from it.

Well, we shouldn’t, because its the truth and its not forgetful..

We love our lives, but we must know, anything can happen at anytime. So live each moment of your life, as if its the last.

Bitter it is, but true as well.


Life is always ahead...

                      Taruni Sharma


If there is Life, in Death.😓